2000 Trees Review!

Read The Punk Archive‘s review of 2000 Trees Festival! Thanks for the kind words!

“Friday morning came and went and the first band I got to see was another absolute favourite: Bleach Blood
Jamie Jazz of King Blues fame is the front man and brain child behind Bleach Blood and had a slightly different line up of musicians with him at ‘Trees. 
Fear not. The performance delivered was as stellar as ever. Melancholy, decadent emo-pop-rock with inflections of electro and dance flew around our still beer-addled brains, shaking us awake and making our hearts pump. 
There is something beautifully vulnerable about Jamie when he is talking to his audience. He tells stories behind his songs and thanks us repeatedly for making the effort (Ha! Effort? I was there 20 mins early like the band nerd I am! No effort needed) to see his band so early in the day.  
The Bleach Blood set kicked off at 1:40pm and whilst the first song was played to only a smattering of people, a short while in to the set The Axiom was pretty rammed with people trying to get a look at easily one of the best acts in that tent all weekend.  
So much catchy,  bouncy goodness. Thank YOU Bleach Blood. One of my ‘Trees highlights!”



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Photo credit: Sophia Ruth Photography