Another great review!

Another great review from our set at 2000 Trees Festival! This time from The Ruckus – cheers!

“I trundled back down the hill to The Axiom to watch Bleach Blood. The new project from Jamie Jazz (formerly of The King Blues), they were a band I’d heard a lot about and with good reason. Their sound blends punk, ska, indie rock and even synth-pop; the result of which is something I’ve since found has been dubbed “dance punk” so, basically, Bleach Blood is a band that really doesn’t sound like anything else out there. As you can imagine, they weren’t quite what I was expecting. Still, as heavy as the electronic elements are, the band’s punk roots managed to shine through, giving a little edge to a track like ‘H.O.P.E’ and providing a solid base for ‘Darling (Don’t Dive Without Me)’. It’s far from standard three-chord stuff, but it doesn’t matter. For that they pulled out a great cover of Teddybears’ ‘Punk Rocker’ and, closing anthem, ‘Let Your Heart Sing’.”