New Slang’s 8th B Day Review

A few wonderful words from our recent visit to New Slang – Kingston with Plague Vendor. Check it out!

“Home-grown Bleach Blood and US sensation Plague Vendor played McClusky’s Thursday night in celebration of New Slang’s 8th Birthday and its role in Kingston’s “diverse musical heritage”.

Banquet Records and New Slang continues to cultivate the Kingston music scene.  Through live performances, New Slang and Banquet Records has honed many bands like Bleach Blood and Plague Vendor, allowing them to evolve and flesh out their talents.

Jamie Jazz, lead vocalist and guitarist for Bleach Blood, said: “Kingston has such a huge, beautiful diverse musical heritage. Banquet Records are the best in the UK.” He said: “It has taken me a little while to love doing it again. Now I’m back in my place”.  He said: “Nights like these are so important because they give you the opportunity to play in front of a crowd.”